Added a bunch of new relays, which to be honest are probably just furries

The new instance is currently federating so it will be slow and shitty for a few hours

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this morning, I reset and rebuilt the matrix server, there was only a couple of you on it testing, you'll need new accounts, this will be the prod instance going forward.

Ok so Riot is now Element, so don't freak out when your client updates and changes it's name and logo like mine just did

GitHub's mysterious secret user repos:

Want your own profile to look like that? Just create a repository that matches your GitHub username and create a README there.

Peertube content rolling in which is awesome.

it's free, it's administered by me, you get 20GB on sign up (for spam reasons, you can have unlimited once you hit the limit)

trans-coding at 1080,720,480 supports all common video formats

and yes you can just straight up import your YouTube channel from YouTube (server to server)

With #Signal continuing to roll out PINs and making them mandatory despite all the criticism, I decided to finally look at #Matrix that people are recommending. Unfortunately, so far I'm not too impressed. Structural issues haunting most open source projects show here as well.

DSS 25 receiving data from Mars Odyssey at 142.2kb/s.

The federate timeline should be populated now with instances from all over the place

beware although I've done a bit of moderation it's not the most SFW place random titties may appear.

Having a toot from my de-googled phone, using all FOSS


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